Keeping Data Live

Acosom, your streaming service partner, helps you build and maintain your digital strategy. We are experts in Event Driven Architectures (EDA) in the areas of Stream Processing, Big Data and Microservices. Our software & data engineering services, training and consulting will take your company to the next level. Contact us for a free consultation.

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Confluent Is Our Partner!

Through our collaboration with the leading streaming platform provider Confluent, we offer you the best possible results. We constantly educate ourselves with the latest training offers and are on the pulse of time to implement new innovations.

Watch the video below to learn how we successfully implemented a use case with Apache Kafka:

Core Competencies

Our core competencies lie in the development and implementation of tailor-made solutions for complex challenges in various industries. We rely on a combination of innovative technologies and proven methods to provide our customers with unique and effective solutions.

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Real-Time Consulting

We develop powerful systems for real-time data processing according to your requirements. With our many years of experience in the tech industry, we stand for innovative and flexible solutions that comprehensively and permanently meet the requirements of your systems. Our focus is on close collaboration and long-term partnership.

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Data Intenstive Architecture Consulting

We develop powerful systems for real-time data processing according to your requirements. With our many years of experience in the tech industry, we stand for innovative and flexible solutions that comprehensively and permanently meet the requirements of your systems. Our focus is on close collaboration and long-term partnership.

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Data & Software Engineering

Our experienced developers realize optimal and scalable applications of the highest quality when implementing stream processing pipelines, microservices architectures and data-intensive solutions. Even after implementation, we remain at your side with our comprehensive operations offerings.

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SRE Support

With our dedicated team of site reliability engineers, rest assured that disruptions will be swiftly resolved and potential performance issues identified, ensuring uninterrupted system functionality during your work hours.

Successfully Digitalize Your Company

We are a consulting and development company specializing in Event Driven Architectures in the areas of Big Data and Stream Processing. In this way, we can help our customers to fully digitalize their processes throughout the entire company. We would be happy to accompany you in this process - from the creation of applications to the design of architectures to the design of domains as well as the selection of technologies.

Acosom is your competent and always accessible partner for challenging digitization topics. We help you with everything where challenges may arise and keep up with your complexity. Whether it’s taking over the maintenance of systems, designing data-intensive applications or being a technical sparring partner for your digitization - you can rely on us.

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As a Confluent Partner, we bring deep expertise in Kafka and Flink, providing modern technologies for stable and secure IT infrastructures.

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Complex IT Projects

When complexity increases in stream processing queries, our IT consulting is there to help. We accelerate your projects with an innovative approach and modern technologies.

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Simplifying Workflow

We take matters into our own hands, rather than talking around issues. This way, we find the fastest way to the ideal solution and create lean processes.

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Business-Oriented Consultation

To ensure processes run smoothly, we tailor our consultation to our clients’ workflows. This ensures that we find the right applications.

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More Flexibility

We advise companies on how to use flexible systems to react faster to changes in the market and remain competitive.

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Higher IT Security

With our IT consulting, we help make our clients’ system landscapes more secure. This way, they are effectively protected against cyber attacks, threats, and data theft.

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Stream Processing and Event Driven Architecture

Our core competencies lie in the design and development of stream processing pipelines and event-driven architectures - the technical foundations in the future of real-time data processing. We develop cloud/hybrid cloud and on-premise solutions that are available 24/7, dynamically scalable, and extremely resilient, even during peak times. We find the right model for your requirements and support you in the implemenation. Through our work and expertise in various sectors, we know what skills are necessary to drive your business forward and successfully tackle your needs.

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For Customers With Demanding IT Systems

We solve software problems - whether it’s implementation, optimization, or finalization of IT projects. Our specialization lies particularly in industries with unique challenges such as banking, insurance, e-commerce, manufacturing, healthcare, or government & MoD.

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IT security is of paramount importance in fast and secure payment transactions and real-time fraud detection. Our IT consulting and innovative application of modern technologies increase efficiency and security in banking.

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Live data is crucial in the insurance industry to move patients through hospital processes more quickly. Our IT consulting and application of innovative technologies increase the efficiency of processes.

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Security Industry

In the security industry, solutions for processing live data are essential to enable a fast and effective response to events such as break-ins or unauthorized access.

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Data-driven insights are essential in e-commerce. With our services, we ensure that insights into your shops stay live .

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Our consulting services optimizes the processing of live data in healthcare to improve processes and deliver technical solutions.

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Public Transport

We ensure reliable and safe public transport by avoiding system failures and ensuring safe transportation for passengers.

Satisfied Large Customers

Our customers benefit from our expertise in the area of Stream Processing, Event Driven Architectures and Microservices. We understand your industry and applications and know your challenges.