Our blog about Stream Oriented Architectures, Event Sourcing and Apache Kafka.

Technology June 15, 2023

IoT Streaming Analytics with Kafka, Flink, Druid and Superset

In this post, we present a case study concerning one of our customer in the domain of Internet of ...

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Technology May 10, 2023

Kafka 101 Tutorial - Real-Time Dashboarding with Druid and Superset

Learn how to connect Kafka to Apache Druid and Superset to produce awesome BI ...

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Technology April 14, 2023

Kafka 101 Tutorial - Streaming Analytics with Apache Flink

In this post, we deploy a local Flink cluster with Docker to develop our first streaming pipeline ...

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Technology March 30, 2023

Kafka 101 Tutorial - Kafka Sales Producer with Apache Avro

Learn how to write a proper Kafka producer, leveraging Avro and the Schema Registry ...

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Technology March 29, 2023

Kafka 101 Tutorial - Getting Started with Confluent Kafka

In this first Kafka 101 Tutorial blog post, we deploy a local Kafka cluster using Confluent images ...

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Popular November 16, 2022

Confluent Data In Motion 2022 - Scaling IoT Connected Doors & Event-Sourcing with Kafka

Apache Kafka: Anti-pattern or an alternative solution? We were recently tasked with a thrilling As ...

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Popular October 16, 2022

Acosom is a Confluent partner

Acosom has a reason to celebrate: we are now a certified Confluent Partner! The Confluent platform ...

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Technology May 2, 2022

Dual APIs – Events to APIs of the future

One thing is clear: Working with relational databases is not always easy. Anyone who has had to an ...

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Technology March 28, 2022

Setting up Kafka Connect in Confluent Cloud with MongoDB

Kafka Connect is designed to transfer events from a source to a sink destination quickly and This a ...

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