Confluent Data In Motion 2022 - Scaling IoT Connected Doors & Event-Sourcing with Kafka

November 16, 2022

Apache Kafka: Anti-pattern or an alternative solution?

We were recently tasked with a thrilling project: scaling microservices using event sourcing! As specialists in this field, we knew just the solution to turn heads and make a real impact. Despite some controversy surrounding our chosen approach, we boldly employed the powerful open-source tool Apache Kafka. While some experts may view this as an anti-pattern, we were confident in the results it would yield. And boy, were we right to be excited! We can’t wait to share the incredible end solution with you, so stay tuned for more details!

Traceability as a special challenge.

Scaling microservices based on event sourcing is a challenging task that requires a deep understanding of the pattern. At our company, we specialize in event sourcing and use it when traceability is essential, just like in this case. We were tasked with developing an access control system for door management, and the first architects on the project wisely chose event sourcing because traceability is paramount in such systems.

Our expertise in this area led us to a solution that many architects may find controversial: Apache Kafka, a free software. While some may view this as an anti-pattern, we know that it’s the perfect solution for our needs. We are thrilled with the final product and can’t wait to share our success story with the world. So if you’re looking to scale your microservices and need a reliable solution, consider event sourcing and Apache Kafka - the winning combination for traceability and scalability.

Big Data in Event Sourcing

Utilizing Event Sourcing results in massive data accumulation which can eventually slow down your system. At Confluent Data in Motion 2022 in Zürich, we unveiled our innovative solution to this challenge.

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