Acosom is a Confluent partner

October 16, 2022

Acosom has a reason to celebrate: we are now a certified Confluent Partner! The Confluent platform and cloud are cutting-edge streaming solutions that enable easy access to real-time streams of data. Here, we’ll explain exactly what this certification means and how it will benefit our clients. Get ready to discover the next level of data streaming!

Confluent: Provider of the leading streaming platform

Founded by the developers of the open source solution Apache Kafka provides Confluent IT’s leading streaming platform to bring the value of to maximize data. The platform transfers data from isolated systems into a real-time data pipeline that you can start working with immediately. Through scaling provides Confluent with the key advantage, the platform at all times to the demands of modern, data-supported organizations to adjust.

Leverage Confluent Resources

The partnership with Confluent gives us access to various tools and resources of the company as well as a direct line to developers. The relates primarily to working with a wide variety of competent teams Confluent and access to the latest know-how. Besides, we have them Opportunity for a wide range of training opportunities to expand our offer for you to improve constantly.

Advantages for our customers: Training for the best results

As a Confluent partner, we have the exciting opportunity to participate in comprehensive trainings. Through this, we can deepen our skills and knowledge of Kafka and Confluent, constantly staying up-to-date and improving ourselves. This ensures that we can continue to create top-quality products for our customers and provide them with the best possible advice.

We take great pride in announcing our partnership with Confluent and look forward to the many exciting development opportunities that lie ahead! Join us on our journey to excellence and let us help you achieve your goals with the power of Confluent.

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