Software engineer

At Acosom we specialize in stream processing, big data, databases and data-intensive software architectures. For our team, we are looking for experienced and motivated employees who are enthusiastic about the tech industry, would like to contribute their skills and know-how to the team and are ready to master any challenge with us. We promise it’s worth it!

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Software engineer


  • Design and construction of software architectures
  • Participation in architecture and design sessions
  • Part Time Consulting (Kafka, Flink, Distributed Databases like MongoDB, Message Queues like RabbitMQ)
  • Implementation of requirements
  • Cooperation with the DevOps team
  • Scale ongoing projects and keep them available
  • Troubleshooting system issues
  • Direct customer support


  • Fully/partially remote work from Switzerland possible without any problems
  • Work at the rhythm you are productive at - there are no fixed ones working hours
  • Work alongside IT veterans with over 15 years of experience
  • Relocation Package/Help

Hard skills:

  • Experience & friends in the further development of distributed systems
  • Knowledge of Kafka, Flink Messages Queues, distributed databases (MongoDB, Redis, ScyllaDB etc.)
  • Experience with cloud hosting providers such as Azure, AWS
  • Knowledge of common programming languages such as Java, JavaScript/Typescript, C/C++, bash
  • Experience with microservice architectures
  • Knowledge of using Docker, Kubernetes
  • Experience in implementing Data Mesh, Service Mesh

Soft skills:

  • Good knowledge of German or English
  • Good communication and organizational skills

Our values:

  • We trust our employees 100%
  • Our decisions are made democratically, without weighting anyone job title
  • The collective is above the individual, we work as a team
  • Loyalty and trust must be earned day by day, that goes for employees as well as employers

Interested? Here’s how to apply: