Technologies: Competence through Innovative Tools

In order for IT projects to be successful, the right technologies are required. Through our IT consulting services, we define together with our customers which goals are being pursued - in order to select the right software and technologies for them. Our IT stack includes technologies that stood the test of time as well as new and innovative approaches. By doing so, we can support our customers with their existing infrastructure and future-proof their organization.

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Stream Processing

Near-real-time insights can be extracted from large amounts of data using stream processing technologies. We support our customers with the integration in their cloud/on-premise setup and in the development of use cases and production-grade pipelines.

Apache Flink is an open-source, distributed stream processing framework for bounded and unbounded data with high performance, low latency, and strong consistency guarantees.


ksqlDB, built on top of open-source Apache Kafka allows developers to build streaming applications using SQL-like queries.

Kafka streams

Kafka Streams can be used to build flexible and scalable real-time stream processing applications based on Apache Kafka.

Message Brokers

Message brokers are powerful software systems that enable asynchronous communication between applications, offering scalability, fault tolerance, and decoupling capabilities. They are an essential tool for building distributed systems. With message brokers, developers can build complex systems that are flexible, resilient, and efficient.


Apache Kafka is an open-source distributed streaming platform designed to handle real-time data feeds and provide a highly scalable and fault-tolerant architecture.

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Kinesis is a real-time streaming platform provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS), designed to capture, process, and analyze large volumes of data in motion. It enables organizations to ingest and process streaming data from various sources.


RabbitMQ is a popular open-source message broker that enables asynchronous communication between applications, providing flexible messages routing, queuing, and scalability capabilities.


Amazon’s message queuing service enables decoupling and scaling of microservices, distributed systems and serverless applications; whilst providing great integration with other AWS services.


As an asynchronous message exchange library, ZeroMQ specializes in distributed systems or concurrent execution in different systems.


With the right database, company data can be managed, organized and processed efficiently. As part of our database consulting services, we advise our customers on the selection of database systems and assist on the deployment and integration with the organization’s stack.


Document collections can be managed and modeled with the document-oriented NoSQL database management system based on C++.


The powerful database solution was specially developed for applications with high throughput and high availability that require flexibility and scalability.


Redis is an in-memory data structure store that supports various data structures, such as strings, hashes, lists, and sets, providing high availability, scalability, and low-latency access for modern, real-time applications.


Amazon’s fully managed, serverless NoSQL key-value database is used to build software applications and processing.


With the database management system, Apache offers a distributed open source NoSQL database. Cassandra also brings high scalability and Availability with.


The NoSQL database optimizes raw performance, takes full advantage of multi-core servers, and minimizes overhead for DevOps. In addition, it can be integrated in many ways.


As a scalable NoSQL database management system, RethinkDB enables the creation of real-time apps and has a dynamic database schema.


PostgreSQL supports relational and object-oriented data models and offers various features that can be used to optimize performance and development time.


The fully managed relational database engine is compatible with MySQL and PostgreSQL and delivers significantly higher throughput for certain workloads.


The open source system MySQL serves as a management system for relational databases based on Structured Query Language (SQL).


The database platform offers a wide range of functions, including support for transaction processing and business intelligence and analysis.


The distributed search engine and analytics engine covers a wide range of use cases and enables fast searches and comprehensive analysis.

Data pipelines

Data from different systems can be collected via data pipelines and comprehensive data analyzes can be created.

Kafka Connect

With Kafka Connect, data can be streamed scalably and reliably between Apache Kafka and other data systems.


Prefect is an open-source dataflow orchestration tool that simplifies the building, scheduling, and monitoring of data pipelines.

Apache Airflow

Apache Airflow is an open-source data workflow automation tool used by companies for data integration, ETL, and machine learning. It enables the definition, planning and monitoring of complex workflows.

Frequently Asked Questions

What IT technologies are there?

The range of IT technologies is diverse, so that the right solution can be found or adapted for every application.

What are the latest IT technologies?

The technological possibilities are constantly evolving in the course of digitization. The latest and currently most important technologies currently include cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), virtual and augmented reality (VR or AR), and big data.

Which IT technologies do I need as an entrepreneur?

In order to be successful as a company, certain technologies are advantageous. This includes that the selected technologies fit the business systems and goals and make daily work and handling easier. From classic electronic data processing (EDP) to modern approaches such as event sourcing, microservices and much more. we are available with our IT consulting and help with the selection.